Mary’s Top Tips for High School Seniors

The November 1st deadline is quickly approaching!

1)Preparation is an easy way to keep panic at bay.

If you haven’t started the application, you should get started – now. The early deadlines in November are fast approaching.

2) Often, an “application” involves more than just a form.

It involves teacher recommendations, transcripts, official score reports, and sometimes additional essays. Make sure you have these things in progress.

3) Understand the Common App form.

While the application may show a red slash under “writing supplement” on the Dashboard, it does not always mean there is no additional writing required. Sometimes additional essays lurk within a school’s specific “Questions” section.

4) Understand why you are applying to the schools on your list.

If you are going to spend $50-$100 applying to a school, prove you are well-researched about why you want that school! It sounds simple, but this is really important. In order for a school to want to accept you, you have to prove that you understand their academic, extracurricular and campus offerings! A little research goes a long way.

5) Don’t wait until the deadline to press “send.”

The Common App is expecting to process 620,000 applications in the next few weeks and last year the system slowed under the weight of all of the traffic. Leave a little wiggle room – it is simply not worth the risk to wait.

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