I introduced Mary to my daughter at the beginning of freshman year so my daughter could begin to think about her high school curriculum in a meaningful way that would be beneficial to her as a student and as a well-rounded individual. NEVER did Mary ever recommend that my daughter should engage in an activity because it would look good on her college application. She always stressed the importance of being true to yourself. Mary Newburn knows her stuff, and I recommend her wholeheartedly.– Parent of a University of Pennsylvania student

Mary is hard working, extremely knowledgeable, and very resourceful. She takes the time to really understand her clients and their families, so that she can effectively help them cope with an incredibly stressful process. – Parent of a Princeton University student

If you need someone who is brilliant at helping teenagers with the college process, Mary Newburn is that person.  She helps you from start to finish and is such a pleasure to work with.  I truly do not think that this process would have been as smooth and organized without her brilliant insight and her ability to motivate us in a way that was actually fun.  Anyone who is lucky enough to be able to use Mary is already ahead of the game.  – Parent of 2011 Camp College App! camper

Working with you was crucial to my success and sanity throughout this process. You listened to everything I had to say, were encouraging and supported me through every step and as I continuously changed my mind. I would still be applying if I did not have your help! – University of Chicago student

Applying to college was initially a daunting and stressful process for me. Having Mary’s expertise and support throughout my application experience was an enormous help in allowing me put my best foot forward and approach the decision-making process with clarity and confidence. Mary’s guidance extends beyond developing academic competitiveness; she helped me to step back and really think about what type of college experience I wanted. As I complete my first successful year in college, I can honestly say that I made the right decision for me. I would not be here without Mary’s invaluable support and advice, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to all high school students applying to college. – University of Chicago student

Mary was very supportive. She was always available to answer questions. She stuck with us to the very end. Mary is very positive and quickly connects with teenagers. She talked my son off the ledge a couple of times throughout the process. Mary is very involved and it is evident that her goal is to give an applicant every advantage in the process. We were very happy with her work and consider her a friend. – Parent of a Camp College App 2012 Camper


Mary brought a very relaxed yet businesslike approach to the tasks at hand. This helped to relieve some of the stress of the whole application process. I definitely think she helped and it was worth well worth it. – Parent, Class of 2013

Mary has wonderful energy and a vast knowledge of all things college/university, the application/writing process and how to connect with students and their families. She is supportive from before you even know what the options are – to the final decision . . . and beyond. Mary’s help was priceless! – Parent, Class of 2013

We have had 2 children enrolled in camp college app. Both were very different students with very different academic records. Both benefited tremendously from working with Mary. As parents we found her advice practical and helpful. – Parent, Camp College App 2012; Camp College App 2010



Mary helped both of our kids and we have referred her to many friends. She makes the college process much less painful for parents! – Parent, Class of 2010; Class of 2013


I appreciate Mary’s knowledge of private/public schools, regions, programs and that she takes the time to visit and stay abreast of these institutions. Mary has a warm and inviting disposition, which is invaluable to parents trying to connect with their teen. It was great having an expert to facilitate dialog. I know my student truly enjoyed working with Mary, too. – Parent, Class of 2013

I could not have done this without Mary! – Parent, Class of 2013